About Tickets.com

Tickets.com is a leading business-to-business ticketing solutions provider. Our European headquarters are located in Milton Keynes, with regional offices in Holland and Germany. Corporate offices are located in Costa Mesa, California and we also have offices through Asia Pacific and Africa.

Tickets.com is a full service provider of integrated ticketing solutions designed to enable Arts, entertainment, heritage and sports organisations to sell tickets to consumers under the clients’ brand. These integrated solutions include the Internet and kiosks.

The company enables its clients to capture, access and manage consumer data through ticket sales, providing them with a 360° view of the buying habits and preferences of their fans and patrons to enhance their marketing efforts.

Tickets.com's automated ticketing solutions are used by thousands of entertainment organisations such as leading performing arts centres, festivals, professional sports organisations and various stadiums and arenas in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

Whether you are a music fan, a cricket or football enthusiast, a car racing buff, or a large venue looking for a customised ticketing solution for maximum value, Tickets.com is the flexible, reliable, and convenient choice for ticketing